Beyond The Vision Board: Manifesting Your Dream Life

Beyond The Vision Board: Manifesting Your Dream LifeIn honor of finally, finally, FINALLY finishing the first draft of my book (two years of blood, sweat, and tears– a long way to go yet, but a huge milestone for me!), and with the New Year just around the corner, I wanted to share a special post about the best trick I’ve discovered for making your dreams come true– and it’s not the all famous vision board. Keep reading below for going beyond the vision board: manifesting your dream life. 

(Sorry this week’s post is late, we were just having too much fun on our last day in Bora Bora which was technically our vacation! Happy Saturday reading!)


When I was an aspiring actress in Los Angeles I was ALL about the vision board. I spent hours and hours pouring over magazines and designing my dream future and then put it up where I could see it first thing before I went to bed and first thing when I woke up in the morning and guess what, nothing ever happened.

Actually, I take it back, I did manage to get my dream car, a sweet little British racing green MINI named Clyde, but that was only as a result of narrowly surviving my old car being totaled by a drunk driver on PCH, and who really needs that kind of wish granting? The point is, I never got the agent or the dream audition, I never got to cash that million dollar check I wrote to myself. I kept staring at that vision board and my dream acting career did not manifest no matter how hard I stared at it.

I know the biggest thing everyone likes to do these days when it comes time to setting goals and manifesting their ideal future is to start a vision board. People will host vision board parties with their friends, or you can even find vision board workshops. To be honest, I think they’re kind of a waste of time.


Don’t get me wrong, it can be really fun to collage, and perhaps for you personally it’s the best way to make the desired outcome feel “real.” And if the desired outcome feels more real, then we are more likely to behave in such a way as to make it real. Or maybe you’re not sure what you really want, and spending a day getting in touch with yourself and figuring out what images and words are speaking to you will help you get clear on what it is you’re even after.

But if you’re clear on what you want and what it looks like, there’s a short cut, a life hack, that I believe is far more effective at ensuring the desired outcome than vision boarding. And that’s taking action. When I’m getting clear on the goals I want to accomplish, I write them down, and then I’ll go down the list then and there and figure out what’s the biggest step I’m capable of taking towards each those goals in this moment and do it.


When I decided it was a priority to learn more about photography I immediately sat down and researched classes and signed up for one. When I wanted to learn more about finance and investing, I went on Amazon and I ordered a book on the subject. When I decided I wanted to write a memoir I signed up for one class, then another, then a writer’s conference, and now something that once seemed too big and unrealistic feels totally doable and I’ve just completed my first draft. 

Nothing will get you closer to your goals than taking defined action. You can stare at that vision board all day long, but you’re never going to accomplish anything if you don’t do something about it. It’s like the old parable, where so and so prays to God every day to win the lottery, and finally God gets fed with them and says “Please, my child, buy a ticket!” Taking concrete action is like buying your own lottery ticket. And taking even just one small step towards a much larger goal can be like it’s own little magic spell with surprisingly big results.

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1507599_10101071639327992_578663414_nCarina Covella is a writer and currently working on her forthcoming memoir, Love Dogs, detailing her six month transformational journey from Hollywood through India. Carina graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University cum laude with a degree in Art History. She also attended the Sorbonne in Paris and studied opera at the Manhattan School of Music through the university exchange programs. Until recently she lived in Mill Valley, California with her wonderful Welsh boyfriend Anthony in a house nestled in the trees, but now they’re off on a two year adventure around the world. When she’s not writing or traveling, she loves to cook for her friends and family.


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