The Undiscovered Journey is a blog conceived in conjunction with my forthcoming feminist travel memoir, Love Dogs.

When I was thinking about the concept for this blog, I knew I needed something that not only encapsulated my point of view and where I’ve been, but that also had the potential to grow with me to wherever I’m going. Thus The Undiscovered Journey was born.


The Undiscovered Journey is what happens when the first path you set out on in life doesn’t work out, and rather than stubbornly trying to force it to work somehow (even though it never will), you instead make a radical choice to go in a completely different direction. You let go of your ideas of what you thought your life was supposed to look like, and take a leap of faith, surrendering to whatever comes. 

This leap into the unknown has lead me to discover what I’m made of, it has lead me to magical adventures, it has lead to me to true love, and it has lead me to writing a memoir and starting this blog. So I have stopped mapping my life out, and instead I just take it one step at a time.

I’m excited to continue to discover what life has in store, share what I learn along the way here with you, and hopefully encourage you to take a leap into the magical unknown of your own Undiscovered Journey.