Living in Los Angeles Carina is trying to pursue her life long dream of becoming an actress, but mostly she’s caring for her elderly father and making good use of her college education by working long hours in short skirts in night clubs and trendy West Hollywood eateries. Shortly after turning twenty five she’s nearing the end of her rope when an old friend comes to visit, bringing drama and excitement in her wake. Spending the summer dodging paparazzi and flying around in private jets, things finally seem to be going her way until it all ends disastrously. Realizing this isn’t the life she wants, or the person she wants to be, she’s determined to change her life and become someone she can be proud of. In a leap of faith she sells all of her belongings and travels by herself to India. Leaving behind everything she thought she was, she goes on a transformational journey into the unknown, rediscovering a sense of magical possibility as the Universe guides her on her journey. Along the way she discovers what she’s made of and meets a man who could be her soulmate if only she can let go and surrender to the fall.

EXCERPT FROM LOVE DOGS: “My life began to feel like an absolute free fall through time and space. I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t know what was going to happen next, and as terrifying as it was, magical things started to happen. Doors started to open, opportunities presented themselves, protectors and helpers and signs appeared everywhere I went, and my life became magical in a way you don’t realize is possible until it happens to you. I think by taking a risk, by doing the thing that most scared and exhilarated me at the same time, I unlocked the door to the universe of possibilities in my life.”